Saturday, November 28, 2009

PartyCasino Cash Machine and Slot-tastic Sundays

Cash Machine

Claim your unlimited cash reward

Our brand–new promotion converts your PartyPoints into hard cash and it's programmed to pay out unlimited amounts of money to our players.

The Cash Machine runs from 00:00 ET on 9th November to 23:59 ET on 6th December. To get unlimited cash, just earn 10 or more PartyPoints on at least 10 days during the promotion. At the end of the promotion, we'll look at the PartyPoints you collected on your 10 highest–earning days, and give you $1 for every point earned on the lowest of those days.

How it works

If you earn the following points on your 10 highest points–earning days:

Three days at 100 points per day
Five days at 175 points per day
Two days at 150 points per day
Your lowest daily points total in this period is 100, which means we'll put a $100 cash reward directly into your Party Account.

Experience the power of the Cash Machine

You can opt in to the Cash Machine at any time. We'll use all the points you've earned since 9th November to calculate your prize at the end of the promotion.

Remember, every new day of the promotion gives you the chance to top your current lowest total and increase your cash prize. Keep playing to make sure you earn more.

You have 28 qualifying days, and your cash machine prize is only limited by the number of points you earn: if your lowest day's points total is 1,000 points, we'll give you $1,000. What you win is up to you.

Slot-tastic Sundays

We're giving away extra PartyPoints and great cash prizes on all our Gold Mega Jackpot slot games for two Sundays this November. Play on either 8th or 22nd November – or both - to reap your extra rewards.

You'll get 100% more PartyPoints when you play selected slots between 00.00 ET and 23.59 ET on a Slot-tastic Sunday*.

Plus, if you finish the day in the top 200 on our Slot-tastic Sunday leader board, we'll also give you a cash bonus of $25**. If you're a Palladium Lounge player we'll give you a cool cash bonus of between $100 to $1,500** for placing in the top 50 of the exclusive Slot-tastic Sunday Palladium Lounge leader board.

This month, you’ll need to play our Gold Mega Jackpot games to enjoy the benefits of Slot-tastic Sundays. Whether you want to join the Corleone family in The Godfather slot based on the cinematic classic, spin for huge prizes on Mega Fortune Wheel and Super Fortune Wheel or enjoy state-of-the-art big-money slot action with our Super Mystic, Super Star and Super Joker games, Sundays have never been more rewarding.

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